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There are many different custom dining room options available for you at Detweiler’s Amish Furniture. Our team has diligently chosen each and every catalog and piece in our collections. Know that if you buy from us, you are buying from the finest furniture builders throughout Kentucky. Amish custom dining room furniture is made to last.

Not many of the big-name furniture stores can offer this level of stability and longevity, as they use less than stellar materials. This leads to furniture that cracks, breaks, and tears down after use. We understand the frustration that comes with broken furniture, that’s why we only have the highest quality furniture available. How can we be sure that we have this? By utilizing age-old Amish building techniques to make your custom dining room furniture!

When one thinks of Amish craftsmanship, one thinks about long-lasting and sturdy furniture. We know that the Amish are truly masters of their crafts and we bring their amazing furniture directly to you! So, get your dream dining room furniture from us today.

From tables to chairs, we have everything you need to completely renovate your dining room! Breathe new life into your home with our excellent selections. Our Amish craftsmen are ready to deliver you a great product. Not only that, but you are able to create your own dining room furniture with our vast customizations.

Make it your own by choosing your wood stain, metals, and more. These options are important as they are what make your furniture, yours. Because of this, we let you decide what you want! So, explore our options today!


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